Food Trends that Compliment your Yoga Practice

Yoga is more than just an exercise. It is a way of living that encompasses every aspect of health and wellbeing. People who practice yoga are usually healthier in other aspects of their life as well, since the teachings and beliefs of yoga tend to be applicable to a variety of situations and practices. Food and the choices we make about food can be an important part of the yoga lifestyle, helping or hindering the practice and its effect on our lives. To help you bring your eating practices more in line with your yoga practice, here are a few ways you can align these elements of your life. 

  • Mindful Eating

Too often, we eat on the couch watching television and ignoring what we’re shoving in our mouths. It can lead to indigestion, overeating, or just bad food choices. Yoga encourages mindfulness. It teaches practitioners to focus on what they are doing to the exclusion of everything else. By bringing mindfulness into your eating, contemplating, and savoring every bite, you will increase your enjoyment of the food and encourage yourself to make better food choices. 

  • Vegetarianism/Veganism 

Extensive research is being released lately about the damaging effects of meat, both on the human body and the world around us. Yoga teaches us to live in alignment with the world and with our body’s needs, and this is probably why vegetarianism and veganism have become such an essential part of the yoga lifestyle. By reducing the amount of meat in our diets, or cutting it out completely, we can improve our own health and minimize the damage we do on the world and the creatures it contains. 

  • Natural Food Trends

You can see this trend everywhere these days – the movement away from processed and packaged foods and towards natural, chemical-free choices. Not only are these choices healthier for your body, but they’re also faithful to the ideas and beliefs about natural living and harmony that are central to the practice of yoga. 

  • Ayurvedic Eating

Ayurvedic is a very old system that advocates eating to fit with the needs of the individual’s constitution and dietary needs. It seems like a fairly simple and basic idea, but you’d be surprised by how many people don’t eat good foods in the right amounts to truly satisfy their dietary requirements these days. The Ayurvedic diet is often known as the yogi diet as it advocates natural and nourishing food practices that are in line with yoga’s concentration on wellness. 

  • Juicing

Although juicing can be detrimental to the body, it can lead to overeating or tooth decay. If used sparingly, it can be highly beneficial to your yoga practice and your life as a whole. Drinking healthy juices that are packed with fruits and vegetables you wouldn’t normally eat, can drastically increase the nutrient content of your diet. It will help ensure that your body gets everything it needs to feel healthy and fabulous. 

Yoga helps tone and strengthen the body. It improves flexibility and overall feelings of health and wellness. But it can also have important benefits for aspects of your life outside of physical fitness, encouraging change and improvement in your eating, sleeping, and overall wellness habits and beliefs.

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