Meditative Yoga Poses

Yoga and meditation complement each other perfectly. Both practices are essentially one and the same, although meditation isn’t as popular as yoga in the Western world. However, it is still an important and highly beneficial practice. If you struggle to meditate but want to find a way to improve, meditative yoga poses could be the answer to your problems.

Many yogis use yoga poses as a means to prepare for meditation. It helps you to physically prepare for the task of sitting still, especially if you’re new to meditation. It can be hard to learn how to feel comfortable while sitting in meditation, but meditative yoga poses can be a huge help. Balancing out meditation with pre-meditation yoga poses will create a harmony between body and mind, allowing you to dive deep into meditation when you are ready. Here are four meditative yoga poses to help your body stretch and relax before beginning your meditation practice.

Child’s Pose 

Child’s pose is great for allowing you to stretch out your lower back in preparation for sitting up tall in meditation.

  1. To do this pose, start in a kneeling position and spread your knees then sink your butt back as far as it will go, reaching your hands forward away from your head.
  2. Focus on allowing your body to elongate and take up as much as space as possible.
  3. Let your mind turn inward and hold the pose for as long as you are comfortable.

Open-V Forward Fold

This pose releases the muscles in the back of the legs and lower back, a great preparation for sitting in meditation.

  1. It’s a pretty self-explanatory movement that starts with opening your legs in a wide “V” shape.
  2. Then bow your head and lean forward as far as your torso will allow.
  3. Slowly sink into the pose with every exhalation, allowing your muscles to stretch further each time.

Supported Heart Opener

This pose supports your body and allows you to relax you meditate.

  1. Use a bolster or pillow, placed under your mid to upper back with knees up in front of you and hands rested near your heart.
  2. To get the most benefit out of this pose, sit still and focus on the way your breath moves through you.
  3. Relax your back and shoulders, allowing your heart and chest to lift and open to get the most out of this rejuvenating meditation pose.


Simply lay back on your yoga mat with feet spread a couple of feet apart and hands straight out to your sides. Savasana is a great pose for relaxing and allowing yourself to get into a meditative state. Just be careful not to get too comfortable and fall asleep!

After completing these poses, you should now be ready to meditate successfully. It will still take some practice before you feel comfortable meditating, but allow these poses to lead you to meditative bliss. With a calm mind and open heart, sit up tall with your legs crossed and hands in your lap as you begin your meditation practice.

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