Yoga & Fertility Enhancement

Yoga and Fertility Enhancement

Yoga has been reported to increase fertility strength in people, but especially in women. Although the fertility effect of yoga exercises on people is not direct, the effects of yoga are known to increase the metabolic processes in the body that enhance conception. But how does yoga promote fertility in women, how does it increase the chances of women getting pregnant? It is a good question worth knowing because many women are struggling to get pregnant without any success. Maybe yoga could help them to retain their fertility and ensure that they are more likely to get pregnant.

It Relieves People from Stress and Gives Them Peace of Mind

Fertility, especially in men, is lowered to a great extent if one suffers from psychological stress or depression. Men may suffer from erectile dysfunction, ejaculation issues and other sexual problems when their minds are occupied by stressful issues. Yoga is known to eliminate stress and make the person feel okay. Through this, sexual functioning is restored and people are able to reproduce easier. In women, stress or depression can lead to irregular ovulation. Three days before and after ovulation are known to be fertile days. Women should have sex during these days to enhance their chances of conceiving.

It Rectifies Hormonal Imbalances

In men, yoga stimulates the production of more testosterone. This is the hormone that is needed for sperm maturation, for increased sexual desire and for physical sexual strength. When men practice yoga, their testosterone levels increase and this makes them to grow in body size as well. Women on the other hand can have their estrogen and progesterone levels balanced. These are the two hormones that are responsible for the ovulation and maintenance of pregnancy. When these hormones are well balanced, the woman will have a normal reproductive monthly cycle.

People who practice yoga increase their blood circulation to the tissues and among these tissues include the ovaries in women and testis in men. In men, there will be increased sperm generation and maturation which further enhances the fertility of men. In women, the number of follicles is going to increase and there will be increased chances of getting pregnant. Yoga is simple enough but its results are fulfilling in promoting people’s health. Infertility is caused by a lot of health problems that even doctors might find it hard to treat it. Yoga restores the metabolic and physiological anomalies of the body thereby making your body to work efficiently in all aspects. All your systems will work symbiotically to ensure that your health is excellent all the time.

How Frequent Should One Do It

There is no exact number of yoga sessions that people should do to enhance their fertility levels. If you are doing one hour sessions, it is recommended that you practice it five times a week. The more frequent you practice yoga, the more profound its effects are on your body. It is good to ensure that you practice yoga exercises before you start doing the exercises on your own without a trainer.

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